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What would you write, draw, say or express if you were given permission to be exactly who you are? Imagine if every time you saw a certain colour going through your daily life you felt an inner smile and your mind could feel able to wander into imagining wonderful, positive and creative things.

From the vital basics of being able to get out of bed, caring for your personal hygiene, making a cup of tea or venturing out of the front door, to the more nuanced problems involving other people, finance and work, this course can help you to formulate strategies and provide you with ‘at hand’ resources to overcome these difficulties.

The stressCare Colour Wheel Self-Empowerment Programme® is for anyone suffering from the effects of deep trauma, PTSD or any other traumatic event seriously impacting daily life. It has been designed to break the patterns of debilitating trauma. This course helps trauma sufferers realise their own potential using freely available resources and a sample of proven, holistic therapies and activities.


The kind of activities and therapies we use include*: 

  • Colour Immersion
  • Woodland Walks
  • Bread and Soup Making
  • Tai Chi & Easy Yoga
  • Kayaking & Canoeing (Weather dependent)
  • Mindfulness
  • Clay Sculpture
  • EFT Tapping Technique
  • Mentorship / Life Coaching
  • And much more

*Included activities may vary as we tailor the course each time to the needs of the participants

If you feel you would benefit from participating on this FREE course, please contact us and secure your place as we have limited places available.

Course Dates & Times
The current course which started on 7th March 2019 is now full. We are taking names for the next course - dates to be determined - if you would like to be added to that list please contact us. Please get in touch if you feel you would be interested in further information. Contact number 07719597864

If you wish to attend please register your interest by completing the form below. 

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The course takes place in and around the Tavistock area. Locations vary dependent on the activity of the day.

This course is absolutely free, including the materials needed for the course. Please bring your own lunch and wear comfortable clothes.


Caroline Keane at
e-mail : stresscareuk@gmail.com
tel : 07719597864  (Weekdays only between 9.00-18.00)