StressCare (now stressCare) started as a Self Help group established for recovering clients from RAF Wroughton Hostage Centre and RN Haslar, Portsmouth, PTSD treatment centres.

The group was suggested and supported by Sgn. Capt.Morgan O’Connell RN.,Sqd. Ldr.Walter Busuttil, RAF. Princess Alexandra Hospital, Wroughton, Maj. Gen. Andrew Keeling, Royal Marines, Plymouth and John Kain, Metropolitan Police and Caroline Keane. It was established at Agnes Westons Royal Sailors Rest, Devonport, comprising a mixture of civilians and veterans all having suffered from PTSD in order to meet monthly in the Plymouth Area.

At the time, RN Haslar, PTSD treatment centre run by, Lead Psychiatrist, PTSD expert, from the Falkland Islands Conflict, Surgeon Capt Morgan O'Connell, suggested to Caroline Keane a charity be created, named the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Association (PTSDA), with himself, Sqdn Ldr Walter Busuttil, and Major General Andy Keeling together with John Kain, Met Police and Caroline (both recovering from PTSD) to be registered trustees.

Curtis Solicitors, offered pro bono legal advice, in forming the Association’s Constitution, which was registered with the Charities Commission as the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Association, Reg No, 1060512 in 1997.

The PTSDA Group met on a monthly basis, following the closure of Agnes Westons at Scott Hospital and then All Saints House. The group continued to meet on a monthly basis under the auspices of HMS Drake at the TA Centre. Both PTSD centres at RAF Wroughton and RN Haslar by this time having been closed. During this time, an application was made by Curtis Solicitors that the PTSDA be called Stresscare. The group continued to meet on a monthly basis facilitated by CPN Ray Dixon OBE, at the TA Centre from HMS Drake.

The trusteeship continued with these trustees, when because of location difficulties for meeting purposes, it was decided to replace the original trustees with more local based personnel. Graham Verrall, Former Governor of HMP Dartmoor, chaired Stresscare with Surgeon Capt Nick Morgan and Ex Police inspector Peter Evans and Caroline Keane who continued as Trustees.

When Graham Verrall retired, due to his appointment as British Home Office representative for the United Nations, John Connelly, took over chairmanship with Nick Morgan, Peter Evans and Caroline Keane as Trustees of Stresscare. When John Connelly moved to Australia in 2015, Michael Turner took over Chairmanship with Sue Boxall and Caroline Keane as trustees.

Through her experiences in recovery, from PTSD and her later career in Mental Health Psychology, Caroline academically lodged the basis for a recovery programme for the treatment of PTSD for clients to include their families. This is a 10 week programme for which Stresscare has been supported by Awards for All, for the provision of 5 pilot programmes.

Through the latest evaluation, it has been found that this Stresscare Colour Wheel Self Empowerment Course, has far reaching and unexpected results. Dr Noreen Tehrani, Dean of Metropolitan Police Academy and Former Chair of British Psychological Society, currently of Tehrani Associates and Course Supervisor for Caroline Keane during the provision of the Pilots considers there to be important nationwide implications for the future of the provision of these courses for complex PTSD.

Sincere appreciation is extended to the numerous workshop convenors, professional supporters, course attendees, supported by National Lottery Awards for All Scheme, who have all given so much of their time, energy and commitment to Stresscare to fulfil its aims, to support the recovery of sufferers PTSD and related trauma conditions, together with their families.