Feedback & Future Planning.

Almost everything we do every day has involved another human. Someone designed and built the mattress you lie on, someone cut and stitched the clothes you wear, someone designed and manufactured the toilet we sit on. Many people were involved in manufacturing the car, the bus, the train or the bike we travel on. Mapping uncharted territory is no easy task, and it’s almost impossible to do on your own.

This section of the course is an invitation to share and feed back on our own journey and on the journeys of those around us. Here, we will create a pool of resources that allow us to move beyond the course, together.

Group work is at the heart of this section and allows us to recognise and applaud the best in our fellow course participants. We may also find strength to offer to be on the end of the phone or instant message for a newfound friend.

Imagine you found kindred spirits prepared to journey with you, through thick and thin, heading towards similar goals...