Present Condition & Appreciation.

What if you had the option, every day, for anxious thoughts and the hectic brain loops to drift away and see yourself move into a calm, quiet, still headspace. Imagine your mind being ‘present’ and ‘aware’ enough to be more in touch with your body, your surroundings, your friends, family and community.

This section of the course allows us to discover new (and old) ways to enable us to find a deeper stillness in our own lives. We do this through exploring meditation, mindfulness and gratitude in tune with natural surroundings. Getting into a canoe or learning some woodland craft techniques can do more than you might have considered.

Sometimes stillness can be all the more meaningful when practiced with others. A collective, group-wide stillness can be a truly beautiful thing. We will also give individual time to experience nature around us alone. This group work helps us to find new perspectives on therapies like meditation and mindfulness.

Think of what it would mean to you to be able to find a new calm space in this world, within yourself.