Moving towards freedom from trauma

A participant is usually someone who has suffered at the hands of a debilitating
trauma, such as:

  • soldiers and civilians witnessing war or large scale violence
  • victims of sexual or physical abuse
  • survivors of a natural disaster
  • patients who have had a stroke, brain surgery, near-death experience
  • those left bereft after a sudden death
  • Those suffering from effects of COVID-19 and long covid

Often, these experiences can leave the sufferer with devastating and life-changing problems such as depression, anxiety, fatigue, emotional instability, night-terrors, panic attacks and many other seemingly inexplicable symptoms, such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

This ground breaking course helps trauma sufferers realise their own potential using freely available resources and a sample of proven, holistic therapies. Being able to sample many different, specialist therapeutic activities through one course is rarely found anywhere else. We want our participants to discover their own path that is helpful to them.

Many of those who have taken part in the course have found new leases on life, practical ways to face each day and proven ways to function well.

You can find some of their stories below.



“I feel much more confident and have learnt so much. But the best thing of all is that I’ve been able to make friends at the course."

Michelle B.



"It was very good timing for me. It helped me learn a new understanding of myself and some of the things around me. The course has given me strength to act positively about my life.”

Maria S.



“Now I feel more settled, less anxious, more hopeful and open-minded to my power of choice in moving away from the old familiar way of being. Massive improvement on how I was before taking the course.”

Paul A.



"I have tried many things in my life to cope with stress and this has proved to be the best thing by far.”




"It's an amazing programme and has helped me to be more aware and has shown me that I have a choice. So grateful to have found the course!”




"The course gave me a new perspective and effective coping mechanisms.”




"Being able to speak in front of other people is the first and most amazing thing I’ve had happen to me. I became comfortable quite quickly on the course because everybody was so lovely."



More than expected...

"In a way I wasn’t really sure what the course was about apart from I would be dealing with stress. It really has exceeded my expectations."