Frequently Asked Questions

The stressCare Colour Wheel Self-Empowerment Programme® has a solid, grounded programme but at the same time is deliberately wide and open to allow you to explore different therapies, discover thought processes that work for you. As a result, we completely embrace and understand that it isn’t necessarily an easy offering to grasp. It certainly isn’t a course that fits in a nice, square pigeon hole.

Let’s have a look at a few questions:

You are welcome to call or use the enquiry form for any queries you may have

"Is it for me?"

This programme is suitable for those individuals who have experienced extremely stressful life events or psychological trauma and who feel they would benefit from a community-based programme.

The programme is suitable for individuals who would like to interact with other similar group members, and who can travel to the venue in the countryside near Tavistock.

"Does it work?"

With an honest desire to make things better, the answer is a resounding "Yes".

We offer effective practices and techniques that allow you to use available resources around you that can help you to better manage your day. We often see the proof of these becoming remarkably beneficial to our participants before the course has even finished. They have become ‘bedrock’ to our past participants as they move forward in life.

We introduce ways to think strategically, to manage our resources, to find attainable purpose and direction for living. We show you how to maintain your health (inside and outside) and find balance, energy, vitality in life that previously seemed a pipe-dream.

We introduce you to many different therapies for you to experience knowing that something along the line will help you to find strength, peace, calmness and community. These therapies and activities include things such as woodland walks, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) tapping, meditation, mindfulness, kayaking and canoeing (weather dependent), Tai Chi and much more.

"How much does it cost?"

This course is free, excepting the cost of materials for the various activities. Please bring your own lunch and wear comfortable clothes.

"As a participant, what is expected from me?"

You will need to be able to travel to the venue near Tavistock for each of the ten course days. There will be limited public transport (but hopefully participants can drive or car-share).

We do require participants to commit to the ten-week course. In order for the course to be effective both for the individuals and for the group, attendance to all ten sessions is essential. Committing to the whole course is the key to achieving the full benefits.

"Why compass directions and colours?"

The stressCare Colour Wheel Self-Empowerment Programme® uses Colour Immersion Therapy to help us find meaning in natural colours that are all around us. This means that as we walk down the street we can be reminded of helpful thought processes that we associate to those colours. For example, yellow is linked to "Freedom & Creativity", so imagine if every time you saw the colour yellow going through your daily life your mind could feel free to wander into imagining wonderful, positive and creative things.

The compass directions are another example of using freely available, everyday constructs to manage our thoughts onto positive and helpful tracks. For example, the compass direction “North” represents thought processes around strategy, clarity, resources and actions.

These ideas may seem a bit obscure on face value, but it’s worth considering that for thousands of years the values of colour and direction, and the meanings they possess, have entered our language and been recognised by peoples across the planet. For how long has the daily sunrise happened in the East and been associated with both a golden yellow colour and positive, creative, life bringing feelings?

This can create and easily accessible positive pattern in the mind.

"What about my family?"

Supporting family members and affected others are welcome to come along to the last session with you and meet your course companions and facilitators. During the course, there will be opportunities for family members to meet up together with a separate facilitator to explore their shared experiences.

Part of the essence of this course is in helping you find positive and resolved relationships in life. Whether you have problems with your family or not, many of us struggling with depression, anxiety, panic attacks, etc can feel detached somehow from those we love and those we know we need to get on well with.

Sometimes the natural reaction to these feelings is to isolate ourselves and step back from any relationships we perceive to be difficult. This can lead to further anxiety, low feelings, self-hatred / self-harm and relationships that actually do break down.

Our families and those who support us can find help and support here too. We offer them sharing sessions and time for exploring themes and common experience together as a group of their own. In this supportive environment they may find some new friends too.

"Can you cure PTSD and related conditions? "

Quite simply, no. But we can help you find ways to cope with, and in some cases, overcome the symptoms of PTSD and related conditions such as anxiety, depression or recovery from long covid and other COVID-19 related problems.

Because this course has many different therapies to sample, we are confident you will find tools that you can work with in relieving your symptoms. This course aims to help you achieve a more positive approach to everyday challenges.